Yet still more from the #Occupy Oakland Twitter Stream and the live stream

joeyxczc Joey
A man is holding a sign saying “Undercover police are here to incite violence”. #occupyoakland #oo.

RT @thomas_peele Rumors that police might be flanking #OO. #ows #99percent #OccupyTogether #nonviolence #OccupyOakland #OccupyEverything

littlefoxy Tina Marie Stinnett☯
Most of the people arrested tonight in Oakland are Millennials: #oo #oaklandstrike #ows

ahtrinibabe Annemarie Stephens
#occupyoakland: anarchist at it again trying to change the msg w/ destructive behavior. In solidarity w/ protesters keep the peace Oaktown!

joeyxczc Joey
Oh, look, CNN mentions #occupyoakland and shows video of anarchists. – #globalrevolution live on…

susie_c Susie Cagle
#occupyoakland arrested in wagon now

OakFoSho Spencer: For Hire
LIVE! #OccupyOakland INVADED BY #OPD! #OWS #GENERALSTRIKE #OO #P21 – (3:03am)

sgtkeso Xander Hudsom
*extensive* graffiti damage all around 14th and broadway. Looks horrible. #occupyoakland

phenatypical whitney erin boesel
.@AnonMedics reporting rumors of large number DPW trucks driving around, & “police transports” staging “somewhere nearby” (unconfirmed). #oo

Listening to the live stream there are police helicopters are flying over the head in the stream. The police are moving in as of 7:07 Seoul time. I think that’s 3 in the morning in California.

Anyway, this has already made the news at Motherjones.

Rumors are that it was HS helicoptors:

var0sha var0sha
#occupyoakland Unless someone has a high res still pic of the ‘DHS helicopter’, I’m not believing it. This needs to be confirmed or refuted.

I saw a helicopter on the live stream, but I highly doubt its DHS helicopter.

Last twit-update, things look to have stopped:

garonsen Gavin Aronsen
But it’s important again to note that the overwhelming majority of #occupyoakland condemn the rioters and want to keep the movement strong.
1 minute ago

garonsen Gavin Aronsen
Many others are questioning whether there may have ben police provocateurs in the mix during tonight’s rioting. #occupyoakland
3 minutes ago

garonsen Gavin Aronsen
But now, with the focus drawn from #ows to #occupyoakland, some here wonder how tonight’s turn of events could affect the mvmt nationwide.

There have been worries about both sub-sections of tactically foolish anarchists or provocateurs. We won’t know for awhile. Anyway, things are calm now. It’s time to see what else is going on.

IN solidarity,


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