On Vukovich’s China and Orientalism

This above title is a bit misleading as, generally, I do not like commenting on books I have not read, but I have found Vukovich’s original claim that Maoist period and Western historiography on it were a shifting of orientalism seemed questionable to me given my knowledge of the cultural revolution, and the fundamental difference from the French Orientalists studies of the Ottomans and Arabs. That said, the comparison with the post-Deng period and the Market Neo-Liberal Leninism of the current PRC is sort of glossed in a way in contemporary scholarship in a way that ignores the economics gains during the cultural revolution period, particular the second period, or more moderate period, in the mid-1970s.  This is not to act as an apologist for China, but to look at the situation at hand. In this Vokovich’s interview at New Books in East Asian History makes this case compellingly. So there is more “there” there than Mao apologetic or apologetic for the current PRC.   The discussions of the atrocity figures being constantly estimated up and being proven questionable by most normal statistical standards, statistical methodologies that would never be used in the US or even India.  His discussion of the way Asia (not just China, but also Korea) is depicted in Delillo is also quite convincing in a way that I never put a finger on prior.

Sadly, I haven’t seen a copy of the book here in Korea and importing it at it’s monograph cost seems prohibitively expensive. I am a poet and a lecturer, after all. If I see it in a English language collection here in Korea, you can expect a review here.

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