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Dear Blog readers:

I have been traveling across both the US and Asia, and have finally come back home to Jeonju in South Korea. I have been in Western US, particularly around Berkeley, where I was amused to see fliers for Bob Avakian books in an Irish pub.  I also spent time in Beijing, which is strange: the international airport sells both Disney plastic crap right by cheap copies of “Sayings of Chairman Mao” although the sayings that I read definitely seemed to be stripped of a lot of communist contact in the political economic sense and seemed mostly about struggle and nationalism.   How bizarre the state capitalism of the PRC can get is yet to be seen.  The smog there, however, is as bad as one reads in the liberal media.  Visibility was minimal once you got on level with the city.

I have a nice winter holiday with my partner’s family and recorded an episode of the podcast I do with Douglas Lain: Pop the Left.   I will get this in a minute.

While the transition to a multiple author blog has not gone as prolix as I would have hoped, I’d like to thank Cain Pinto for keeping up. For those of you who don’t know: I am working on a podcast called “Pop the Left” with the direction and editing of Douglas Lain as well as the cynicism of Nicholas Pell. The goal of Pop the Left is further a positive vision of Marxian thought through looking critically at what is going on the various strains of “the left.”  This time we discussed Chomsky and the failures of sectarian Marxism and the reason for a certain type of liberal anarchism popularity.

Also I will be commenting on Nietzsche again, but I hope that you read my friend and comrade, Ross, writings on the left’s anti-Nietzschean turn. Ross picks up on some of the discussion on this blog about Anti-Nietzsche as well as naivete Foucaultian readings of Nietzsche as well as complete anti-Nietzschean readings which seem to miss a lot of key points as well as misunderstand what major goals of socialism actually should and could be.  Hopefully, Ross and I will be commenting more on this here, but I suggest you read his four recent posts.

Lastly, I have listened to two videos by Andrew Kliman which I think are interesting in the way they break down some things: I will be returning to some of Dr. Kliman’s key points, but I do think his re-grounding on the statistics on a careful and empirical view that takes in complicated pictures is generally needed in a community whose view of political economy can become vulgarly simplistic.  Even if you wish to refute Dr. Kliman,  one must actually parse the statistics closely.  Marxist economics needs to be enable to fully compete with the other models in order to be able to truly offer an alternative.

Happy New Year.   There are many interviews to come.  Hopefully more from our other new authors as well.

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  1. Thanks for the kind mention. And yes, to anyone who may be reading, an interview on Nietzsche between Derick and I will be forthcoming.

    Also, I second Derick’s recommendation regarding the Kliman videos.

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