The Revolution Will Not Be Secularized…

Perhaps I’m just a contrary old man, but I feel that I can embrace both the most reductionistic physical science, yet also remain devoted to the living heart of religious aspirations. Long after the Age of Faith and the Age of Reason are gone, I believe humanity will live in an Age of Love, Love’s Communism, which will be built upon the fulfillment not only of science and technology, but the maturation and judicious distillation of the world’s cultural legacies, including religion.


  1. Commenter In The Shadows · May 5, 2013

    Should we embrace the various contrary religions merely as cultural artifacts, editing out the unpleasant parts and keeping it as part of a rich heritage as opposed to fact? Or will it maintain it’s status as unpleasant dogma

  2. radicalprogress · May 5, 2013

    Religion doesn’t do anything, people claim to do things in the name of religion. Religion is a human construct of our sense that higher values than our immediate self-interest should govern our actions.

    A great deal of oppression has been justified by some religious persons, and emancipatory movements have also embraced religious justification. Science itself gave us the atomic bomb, but we don’t thereby discard science. We take responsibility for our imperfect constructs.

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