The Opposition

We are a group of theorists in various parts of the world who write in English from a  “Marxist influenced” and religious inflicted perspective.   We range from graduate students to former professors to people with high school educations, and come from several different countries.   We exist on a spectrum of left to post-left, from religious to post-religious.  We come from various religious backgrounds: one Jewish, one Eastern Orthodox, two Catholics, and one Quaker.

The blog originally started out as the personal blog of “Skepoet” (C. Derick Varn), poet, teacher, and theorist.  Skepoet recently felt that the “opposition” should be broadened in perspective and also focus primarily on identity, philosophy, science and cultural politics from perspectives that were diverse in one sense but also consistent in their critique of “liberal modernity” developing out of Enlightenment.

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